Frequently Asked Questions


I have dental phobia. Do you offer sedation dentistry?

Yes, our Woodbury, MN, dental clinic provides a number of sedation options for patients. For most routine procedures such as fillings, a local anesthetic is all that’s needed. However, those with fear of the dentist may need sedation for these procedures as well. Dental phobia can be triggered by the smell of the dentist office, the sound of the drill or other causes. Our dentist offers patients nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and prescription medication to help relax patients in our dentist office. Trust that we will find the right solution for you so that you feel comfortable during your procedure here.

My teeth are not as straight as I would like them to be. Do you provide orthodontics at your dental clinic?

Yes, our dentist offers Invisalign, an orthodontic solution for adults that uses clear aligner trays instead of metal wires and brackets. Our patients prefer Invisalign to traditional braces because Invisalign trays are made of clear plastic, so you can hardly see them. They snap in and out of your mouth easily, so you can remove them for special occasions. That’s not something you can do with metal braces. You take Invisalign out to eat as well, so your diet isn’t limited the way it is with traditional braces. Additionally, Invisalign is much more comfortable because it is made of smooth plastic rather than metal brackets and wires. No wax necessary! Make an appointment at our dentist office today for an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign.

I have lost a tooth. Should I get a dental implant?

It’s best not to wait too long to replace teeth you have lost. Besides the fact that you need all your teeth to eat nutritious foods, going without a replacement tooth has other risks. Your tooth roots keep your jaw healthy and strong, and when you lose a tooth, your jawbone starts to deteriorate. Moreover, the longer you wait to get a replacement tooth, the higher the chances that your other teeth will shift into the empty spot, creating more spaces between your teeth and presenting new challenges for completing the tooth implant procedure quickly. When you get a dental implant, the dentist embeds a titanium post in your jaw that helps stimulate and strengthen your jawbone. Once the dentist attaches the abutment and crown, your tooth implant will look and function just like your natural teeth. Talk to the team at our dental clinic in Woodbury, Minnesota, today about dental implants.

I am missing many teeth. Should I get dentures?

Dentures are a good solution for patients who are missing many teeth. Having many missing teeth prevents you from eating the nutritious foods you need to stay healthy. The type of tooth-replacement solution that is right for you depends on the placement and the health of your remaining teeth. You may get a full upper arch, lower arch or both. Dental implant-supported dentures are a much better solution for missing teeth than traditional dentures. One reason for this is because they fit and function much better than traditional dentures. Another reason is because the dental implants our dentist places in your mouth help to stimulate your jawbone and keep it strong and healthy. If you are interested in learning more about options for dentures, contact our dental clinic today to make an appointment for a consultation.

I am embarrassed by the color of my teeth. Do you offer teeth whitening?

Yes, our Woodbury, MN, dental clinic provides both in-office and at-home teeth-whitening solutions. Today, so many people take advantage of teeth whitening that those who don’t tend to stand out because their teeth are yellow, gray or stained. Don’t worry — we can help you with our professional-grade whitening procedures that are far more effective than over-the-counter whitening solutions. You can get your teeth whitened right here in our dentist office in about an hour. You can also choose to do at-home whitening. With at-home teeth whitening, our dentist takes an impression of your teeth and custom makes trays for you to use at home. Either method is highly effective, and you are sure to be pleased with your results.

I don’t like the way my teeth look. Do you offer veneers?

Yes, our dentist works with many patients here in Woodbury, MN, who want to get porcelain veneers. Veneers are an excellent solution for cosmetic problems that are not otherwise easily remedied, such as stained teeth that don’t respond to bleaching or widely spaced teeth that would not improve with orthodontic work. Some patients also choose veneers to cover small or misshapen teeth. Porcelain veneers can seem almost like a magical solution, because our dentist covers your natural teeth with thin porcelain veneers, instantly transforming your smile. Porcelain veneers are not only beautiful, they’re strong and durable too. Ask the team at our Woodbury, MN, dental clinic about getting porcelain veneers.

Taking my kids to a separate pediatric dentist in Woodbury, MN, is a hassle. Do you treat children and adults of all ages?

Here at our dental clinic, in Woodbury, Minnesota, we understand that being able to bring your whole family to one dentist just makes life easier. No one wants to have to drive to different facilities in different parts of town for their family’s dental care if they don’t have to. That’s why we have named our practice Tamarack Hills Family Dentistry — we treat your whole family. That includes children ages 4 and up. Our dentist and our entire staff treat our pediatric patients warmly and gently, instilling in them early a love for the dentist that will serve them their entire lives.