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We use ceramic braces on a regular basis to correct problems like malocclusion and a misaligned jaw. Our patients are quite pleased with the results and how wonderful they look during the process. This is the big benefit of using tooth-colored braces, they blend in. This means that our patients are confident in how they look while they are straightening their teeth. This is beneficial for people of all ages but especially for busy professionals or adults who do not want to change their appearance in a negative way but instead, want to focus on the end result, which is a beautiful smile.

This solution does not work for everyone

We do not offer ceramic braces to children because this is not the right solution for everyone. These tooth-colored braces straighten teeth using the same methodology as traditional metal ones. This means that they are just as effective. However, in order to remain tooth colored or clear, patients need to take great care with what they eat and how frequently they brush their teeth. This level of attention is not something that many children care to give to their teeth. For that reason, they are ideally suited for older teens and adults but not for young patients.

Care routine

While wearing ceramic braces, we recommend that patients take the following steps to care for their braces and teeth.

#1. Brush teeth after every meal

We know that this can be challenging to do but by keeping a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in a purse, backpack or car, it becomes a lot easier. This is important for oral hygiene but it is very important to prevent the ceramic brackets from becoming stained.

#2. Rinse regularly

Another way to prevent staining is to rinse the mouth after drinking or eating. This can help to eliminate any loose particles that could gather on the brackets and is an ideal solution when brushing is not possible.

#3. Use flossing tools

We recommend carrying flossing tools and using them after meals or at a minimum, once a day. These tools can be used to remove food and plaque in between the teeth and brackets.

#4. Watch what is eaten or drunk

Avoiding things that can cause stains will help. Sometimes, it is possible to simply switch from something that could stain to something that would not. For example, eating pasta with white sauce instead of red, drinking white wine instead of red wine or drinking green tea instead of black tea. These simple decisions to switch from something that could stain to something that does not is easy to do without causing major alterations to the diet.

Ceramic braces are worth it

We know that there are significant steps that must be taken to keep these braces clear. However, it is entirely worth it to have a smile that is beautiful while still using orthodontics. In fact, many of our patients say that people cannot tell they are wearing braces from afar and that they do not show up in pictures.

To find out if this is the right solution for you, call our clinic and schedule an appointment today.

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